Sunday, July 10, 2016

Holy Second Week in the MTC Highlights, Batman!

Week 2 in the MTC Highlights:

Today was the first day that new people have been in the MTC while I've been here! It was actually pretty fun to get to yell at all the people with orange stickers on their badges "Welcome to the MTC!" The four sisters in our district kept joking about how we're so experienced and we're such pros when in actuality we still feel like we have no idea what we're doing hahaha. 

The sisters and I have been motivating each other to stay fit so they just held a wall sit for 3 minutes and I held a plank for two and a half minutes. So if my journal entry today sounds super angry it's because my abs are screaming bloody murder

My companion is accompanying a special musical number "Come Thou Fount" this Sunday for sacrament meeting so I got to help teach them their parts. It was kind of amazing. I was able to play both the right and left hands together effortlessly my first time. That really testified to me that I'm improving and it was a major blessing! The Lord blesses His missionaries. And it was wonderful to get to direct a group again :)

Today was P-day and I got to check my email.  I received so many wonderful emails letters and packages from so many people this week that it was nice to just thank everyone. The highlight was probably receiving a package full of s'mores bars from the Nemelka family haha. That's definitely my favorite dessert, and it was such a wonderful surprise! 

Today we were a bit more distracted than normal. Scripture studies were a bit more difficult, but I think part of that was because of the stupid bronchitis I'm still trying to get over. I'm glad I was healthy enough to at least go to class and stuff today. I hope I'm drastically better tomorrow! 

Also, in the referral center today we had a woman come on to talk to us about how she wasn't sure if God was real. She told us she was raped about a week and a half ago and she couldn't believe in a God who would let something so terrible happen. We got to talk to her about our own experiences, and we told her the way we found happiness despite our grievances was through the Book of Mormon. She expressed interest in the Book of Mormon so we got her contact information and we sent missionaries her way!! It was an incredible thing to be apart of. 

I love the MTC. I can't believe my time here is almost over :( I'm going to miss the wonderful friends I've made here so much. But I can't wait to get out into the field and do some real missionary work! 

Which reminds me. I've been reflecting about what wearing this badge truly means. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I have authority and privilege because of this special badge, and sacred calling. There are 2,000 missionaries in the MTC right now, and we are as the stripling warriors. Seriously. "We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth!" 

I feel so blessed to be on this mission. Today was absolutely wonderful, and I feel SO happy!

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