Thursday, July 21, 2016

Holy Yorktown, Batman!

Today was my first full day in Virginia! First, we ate breakfast at the hotel, then we met up at a chapel to have training on safety things and all that jazz. Then, we got to meet our trainers! As we sat in the chapel and President Weed had people preside, a cute sister named Sister Ed stood up at the front to lead us in reciting our purpose. I had this small moment thinking to myself, “I really hope she’s my trainer.” And guess what? 30 seconds later, President Weed announced her as my trainer! Also, her old companion had looked at the list of names of incoming missionaries and she said “I bet you’re training Fisher.” Haha it definitely was inspired!
 I absolutely love her. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. She got to tell me that we’re serving in Yorktown, and we’re in one of two sister companionships in the entire mission that get to bike!! So that’s super exciting. After that, we took a quick picture with my mission president, then we headed to the mission. We had time to drop my stuff at the apartment, then we got on our bikes and took off! I started off a bit shakey, but quickly got the hang of it. Riding a  bike in a skirt with a mission bag is rough haha. And it was so hot out, we got very sweaty very quickly. But I’m so happy! I feel so lucky to get to bike!
 We started the day with my very first district meeting! I got to play piano which was a super nice change. And, they all loved my playing which was a huge blessing. I’ve come to learn that people either love the way I play piano or hate it and it’s almost made volunteering to play a bit stressful because I never want to annoy anyone. But they loved it! In district meeting we just went over our  goals and talked about the success of our week with the other missionaries in our district. There are 4 sets of missionaries in our district (8 missionaries total) and the numbers varied dramatically. It was really neat, because nobody was judging a lack of success. Instead, we got to ask questions like “wow, you taught over 20 lessons this week! That’s amazing. What do you suggest we do so we can see if we can find that kind of success in our area?” It’s just full of learning opportunities! And, I got to contribute which was super cool. The other sisters have an investigator who couldn’t stop feeling guilt, so I suggested they try having him read the Brad Wilcox talk “His Grace is Sufficient.” Everyone loved the idea, and people were surprised later when they found out I’m a greenie! I’ve been struggling with self-doubt over the fact that I feel like I don’t say enough, but that was definitely an ego-booster. Oh, the tender mercies of the Lord!
 It also gives me a chance to reflect on the type of person I want to be when I’m home from my mission. 1) I want to be way more involved in missionary work. Missionaries need the help of members! I want to offer my services to help teach investigators as often as I possibly can. 2) Investigators need fellowshippers. Befriending people who are looking into the church can give them the motivation to continue searching for the truth until they find it! We want the Spirit to be the ones who convert them, but a friend can keep someone around long enough for them to recognize the gentle whispers of the Spirit. 3) I am SO lucky. So blessed. I take so many things for granted. I’ve had a pretty easy life in comparison to some. This has definitely been a humbling experience! 4) Sharing the gospel isn’t the end! Follow up! If someone asks a question, don’t just answer it and leave it at that! Bear your testimony! Do all you can to nourish the seeds you plant so it may hopefully grow and flourish! 5) Be bold. Don’t be afraid of rejection from friends and neighbors. Put yourself out there. The worst they can say is no. But people are far more likely to listen to a co-worker or neighbor than two 19 year old girls on bikes. 6) Heavenly Father loves His children. Every single one of them. 7) You can always do more. 8) Miracles happen.

If you want to write me a letter or send me a package, my apartment address is:

1400 Piccadilly Loop apartment E
Yorktown VA 23692

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